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Monday, October 02, 2006


Aaaaaaahhh! Its unbearable. Of course one ought to be ten times more angry with the useless bishops who have allowed this sort of thing to go on, who should be excommunicated and strung up along with their sick pals; but the BBC's bloody propaganda films are just unbearable. Its impossible to tell whether its that the idiot presenting the programme just doesn't understand the documents in question and is the dupe of liberal 'canon lawyers' or whether the programme is deliberately deceitful. I expect they are dupes who want to be duped because of their hatred of the Church. The fact that the vast majority of this abuse is inflicted by homosexual pederasts who have infiltrated the Church is never mentioned because this is contrary to the BBC's ideological line. Their liberal friends within the Church are precisely those who obstruct and denounce the Holy See's attempts to prevent sodomites entering the priesthood and whose struggle for 'Gay rights' the BBC must not undermine.