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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fay Weldon finds God

Via Eve Tushnet: Fay Weldon has become some sort of Anglican ("Would you consult a priest on moral matters? They're all therapy and touchy-feely. They're not actually engaged in moral debate. It's my problem with the church - I am a Christian, but I am afraid they have failed their flock in their inability to confront moral issues." - [come on over, dear, the water's lovely...]), with some sensible non-'feminist' views ('With the typical perversity that makes some feminists exasperated, Weldon says that she is not an unalloyed believer in the proposition that women going to work is a good thing. "As soon as women have the choice of marrying or not marrying, having children or not, the only choice they don't have now is not earning, which is a terrible loss to womanhood." Why is that a loss? "Because capitalism crept in under the cloak of feminism and said: 'Wouldn't you love to go to work, ha ha ha. And then we can bring down wages, ha ha ha.' And so they did. And so now one male wage no longer keeps a family, and we have a falling birth rate."'). Interesting.