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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Deutsch language media

Kath.net notes more journalistic confusion. Sigh. But at least one Islamic leader seems to have understood what the Pope said, which is something.

Cardinal Kasper's interview (which Joee Blogs posted) from the Spiegel website, in English as I can't find it on the German site for free.

Currently, the Spiegel's English website's top two headlines are 'We have no relationship to our diverse Muslim society' (a quote from an inverview with Chancellor Schroeder; dunno the context as haven't read it yet), and 'Is Germany ready for a gay chancellor?' Um. Quite. Sometimes I think the most constructive thing would be if Catholics could convey to keen Muslims precisely how troubled we are by modern western society too. But maybe it would all just go horribly wrong. Sigh. Pray, pray, pray.