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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It is difficult to avoid fury when listening to the BBC try to report on Catholic matters. On the Radio 4 six o'clock and ten o'clock news broadcasts, the reporting on the Holy Father's meeting with ambassadors from Muslim countries was all about the extent to which the ambassadors were 'satisfied' with what the Pope had said. What about whether or not the Vatican (whatever that term means) was 'satisfied' with the ambassadors' response? Did they show willingness to enter into the serious dialogue that the Pope had called for? (But then, noone at the BBC seems to...) Admittedly the online report is a bit better and actually (shock!) talks a bit about what the Pope actually said yesterday. The Deutsche Welle one, in contrast, is all about Benedict - which is nice, though here some report of the Muslim response would be helpful! Mind you, DW is asking its readers to write in to say whether they 'think Pope Benedict's response is sufficient'. Oh well...