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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In the meantime

In lieu of any intelligent, interesting or amusing thoughts on my part, some links.

The Catholic Herald finally has a functioning website, which so far consists of a limited selection from the print edition.

Pluscarden Abbey has a redesigned website, with up-to-date news, hurrah. -

- which was linked to by A Londoner, who I think is a friend of a Juventutem friend, who blogs about, well, being a Catholic Londoner.

The Faith Movement mafia has an ever-expanding online presence in Fr Tim Finigan's blog.

And Fr Z is always edifying in 'What Does The Prayer Really Say?' (Wondering what the collect was actually about is very distracting in vernacular Masses, I find.) I really like this entry:
First, Christ is the true Actor in the sacred action of Mass.
Second, we able enabled to participate in the mysteries because of our baptismal character.
Third, as participants in Christ’s Priesthood (albeit in different qualities), we can raise our sacrifices (in our different ways) to the Father.
So, Christ is acting in us when we act at Mass. We are “in action” first and foremost through reception of what Christ gives, and then also, in what we offer.


Incidentally, the '62 collect on Sunday was beautiful, wasn't it?
Protéctor in te sperántium, Deus, sine quo nihil est validum, nihil sanctum ; multíplica super nos misericórdiam tuam ; ut, te rectore, te duce, sic transeámus per bona temporalia, ut non amittámus ætérna. Per Dóminum...
O God, the protector of all who hope in Thee, without Whom nothing is worthy [?], nothing is holy : multiply Thy mercy upon us, that, with Thee as ruler and leader, we may so pass through temporal good that we do not forfeit the eternal. Through...
- in my clunkingly literal translation (not so beautiful). What on earth is the best translation of 'validum'? 'Without Whom nothing works' is sort of what I feel it means, but that sounds a bit rubbish. Breviary.net has 'strong' (yes, I know, not supporting SSPX ect ect), which is one of the meanings in Lewis & Short. Hmm.