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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Happy morning

A small random story of Providence being gracious! Yesterday morning I woke up before the alarm - a very rare occurrence - ten minutes before morning Mass at the Jesuit church round the corner, and couldn't shake the feeling that I really should get up and go to Mass. So, after five minutes procrastination, I crawled out in time for the Epistle. And Mass was beautiful, despite my being practically asleep through most of it. It was particularly lovely to hear the ends of Acts and John. The reason for God's dragging me out of bed, though, became clearer afterwards, when it turned out that several acquaintances of mine were there, having just been at all night Adoration for First Friday! If only I'd been there! So I went and drank coffee with them, and heard about their prayer group, which is centred on Adoration. Sounds lovely. And it was a marvellous sunny morning. God is kind! Laudetur Jesus Christus!