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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

File under 'mediocrity'

Patter Noster are stealin' oor claes, with a post by Gerontius on mediocrity in the Scottish Catholic press.

Meanwhile, a chap in the Economist has stirred up a storm in a quaich with an article on why post-devolution Scotland is even more self-obsessed and over-sensitive than before. Annoyingly, he may have a point, if the absurd over-reaction from the Scottish media is anything to go by. Actually most of it seems to be a measured critique of Holyrood's practices and people, little different to what one could find in the Scotsman or Herald on a regular basis; the appearance of the word 'numpties' in the Economist should surely be a cause for general celebration in itself; and not many people in Scotland, I think, would honestly deny that there can be a slightly hysterical edge to Scottish self-examination. But one musn't say it aloud anywhere that Englishmen might hear it...

(This does not, Aelianus, mean that things would have been better if Scotland had become a province of England in the 1290s.)