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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Conti does a Martini

[Aelianus adds some actual analysis - scroll down and read his post.]


While conceding that those Catholics who oppose any restriction on the use of condoms have a robust argument, under Church teaching, Archbishop Conti said: "Should we really be saying that it is in the benefit of the couple to refuse one another because one of them is infected with a disease and to be living as brother and sister when the whole nature of their marriage pushes them towards sacramentalising their marriage?"

He said: "It seems to me that it is a legitimate question. A more commonsense view. Even St Paul spoke about a couple not refusing one another."

He said when he had raised the issue before he had got "stick" from people within the Church. "I feel much more comfortable now."

However, he added: "But two things need to be said. It is not contraception, it is not allowing people to use contraceptive practices. You are using the condom as a sheath against the spread of infection, but it should be said that that is not an infallible means of preventing infection and the Church must be very careful not to encourage something that can result in the death of even one or two people."


This doesn't seem like a very good time to be airing (at best) dubious opinions to the media, given the media's oft-demonstrated inability to report with basic accuracy, let alone subtlety, on matters Christian.