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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Conti joins the rubber band wagon

Actually that is unfair he has had these views for some time and he shares them with his friends the owners of Family Publications who have promoted them in some of their books. Someone needs to put up more of a fight on this one. The fathers of the Church didn't sit back and do nothing about Arius because of their belief in the infallibility of the Church and the See of Rome. "Thou shalt not put the Lord thy God to the test!" A great deal of damage can be done without the Church actually falling into error. The impression can be given that it has fallen into error. Individuals and statements not covered by the charism of infallibility can acquiesce in falsehood and it is the job of the whole body of Christ to fight to prevent this happening. The teaching of Humanae Vitae is like the doctrine of indulgences it is obscure in itself but it is the consequence a vast plethora of other truths of faith and morals that begin to unravel once the teaching is rejected. "Should we really be saying that it is in the benefit of the couple to refuse one another because one of them is infected with a disease and to be living as brother and sister when the whole nature of their marriage pushes them towards sacramentalising their marriage?" How can sterile contracepted sex be "sacramentalising their marriage"? For some sanity try this.