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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So you can waste time too.

Ruth Kelly's good voting record.

Telegraph writer on suicide in Oregon: I left Oregon with mixed feelings. While I am not opposed to the concept of those who are dying being allowed to speed up their death, it is vital that safeguards ensure patients' decisions are entirely their own, made without pressure from loved ones, doctors or out of any misguided notion they are a burden to others or that adequate relief of their symptoms is not available. As one opponent put it: "The biggest decision you can possibly make is to end your life. It is the only truly, truly irreversible decision."

Another Telegraph writer on an interesting-sounding film about the Stasi. If you're ever in Berlin, go to Hohenschoenhausen. Incredibly depressing, of course, but worthwhile. (And on the German film front - anyone know if 'Die grosse Stille' will ever see the light of British day? Anyone?)

Joby Talbot, formerly of the Divine Comedy, gets serious. A piece inspired by the Santiago pilgrim route. I caught the end of it on Radio 3 on CD Review Saturday morning, and it's worth a listen (available until the coming Saturday).

And, more importantly: today is the Translation of St Andrew. In the old calendar, at any rate. Though I can't remember which translation, I'm afraid.
Oh, apparently when he got nicked for Constantinople. And an angel specially told St Rule to take some relics to Scotland. But it doesn't say that in the Roman Breviary. Shocking.

St Andrew, pray for us! Pray for Scotland's people, priests, bishops and rulers!