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Monday, June 19, 2006

File under 'mediocrity', number... oh I've lost count

Corpus Christi. Possibly the easiest feast in the year for congregational music purposes - a whole Office-worth of Thomas's hymns, plus other goodies like 'Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.' However, going to Mass in a certain city north of Tay on Sunday demonstrated how not to do things, unfortunately: viz, set Pange Lingua (in English) to a.n. other hymn tune (I mean, fine, it fitted, but why pass up the chance to sing such a lovely chant?); wishy-washy modern offertory and Communion hymns; jolly but random final hymn; and please note that if your tenor has the odd cracked high note, don't choose a responsorial Psalm that shows it up; similarly, if the priest has trouble coming in on pitch with the organ, why not let him intone things unaccompanied, or get someone else to intone the Kyrie?

Sigh. I'm not saying everyone has to sing plainsong propers. But it wouldn't take much to make basic stuff... less bad...

Rant over! And I'm putting it in small letters because ranting isn't really the point.
And dodgy hymns don't make the Body and Blood of the Lord any less wonderful. Obviously.