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Friday, May 20, 2005

From a mindlessly jingoistic point of view -

- I suppose the one good thing is that this happened in England rather than, as one might have expected, here.

No, actually, it doesn't make it better.

Embarrassingly, the devil had the best tunes on the World Service last night. The science bod was able to point out that it would be legally inconsistent of Britain to ban embryo research when she aborts thousands of babies, destroys many in IVF, and allows 'contraceptives' which can function as abortifacients. Meanwhile the American Christian chap (couldn't they find a British person to talk about this? Like, maybe, Fr Patrick Burke... just a thought...) they wheeled on to oppose it took the fatal line of saying that cures weren't guaranteed to arise from this research anyway, and currently there were better results from adult stem cells.

The Guardian has the usual non sequiturs in its editorial:

...this will not stop fundamentalists protesting that such research should not happen, even though the embryo at the heart of the argument has no brain, heart, or any other human feature and is only just visible to the naked eye...

In looking to see whether the Telegraph has perhaps had a fit of sensibleness over this, I can't find any comment on it, but do find this rather good piece. (My fellow bloggers will find something of interest therein - to be a bit Sherlock Holmes agony column ish - (unless they know it already).)