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Monday, May 16, 2005

Caesar's Bath

Can't think of five, but here are four.

  1. Children. Nothing against them as such - was one myself once, don'cher know - but fail to see what is so great about them. Except you can see original sin at work without the veneer of civilisation adults have.
  2. Star Wars. 'S okay. Shrek is better.
  3. Theology of the Body. (with a side helping of JPII-olatry). Yes, fair enough, there was some work to be done, Thomas never did get round to marriage. But how many institutes do we really need?
  4. The Faith movement. Or, to be more precise, the whole Jesus-Christ-the-Master-Key-to-the-Universe stuff. Booooooooring. What a waste of the time of a lot of good people.
  5. Coffee.