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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Protestant tat

The nun who broke her vows to God to marry the canon who broke his vows to God. Via Confessing Evangelical via Pontificator.

Boeciana and I were discussing tat in Rome last October. Catholic tat with other Catholics around is funny. Catholic tat with non-Catholics around is painfully cringe-making. Why? I think we came to the conclusion that tat is like a really bad photograph of someone you love dearly, but whom other people don't know at all, or perhaps know through hearsay. People who already know and love the person in the photograph will either laugh and say "My goodness, what a terrible picture" (words to that effect, adjust to suit taste in decades), or find it makes them all the fonder of the person badly portrayed. But you would not want to show that picture to other people.

The Holy Face in holograms. Yuck. On the other hand, I really do find my glow-in-the-dark snowstorm of Our Lady of Lourdes an aid to devotion. It's practically a relic, after I left her in the field by the catacombs of San Callisto and had to go back to find her.
I can't share my pleasure in my snowstorm with, per esempio, my godless parents. It is one thing to defuse their contempt for tat, but beyond a certain point laughing at a representation of Our Lord ceases to be a removal of skandalons and becomes the placing of new ones.
Ja, well, there is a profound meditation in there somewhere but I failed to find it.