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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Khartoum auxiliary to speak in Glasgow

Aid to the Church in Need hopes to welcome Bishop Daniel Adwok from Sudan to reveal the courage of the Sudanese faithful in the face of extremist persecution, displacement and conflict. Bishop Daniel, who is Auxiliary Bishop of Khartoum, has recently hit out at the Sudanese government for failing to implement the conditions of a peace agreement – which so many hoped would herald a new era for the country. Please join us as he recounts some of the most harrowing stories of a faithful under fire.
And ACN’s John Pontifex reports on the violent oppression meted out to Christians in Pakistan, where the faithful have endured some of the worst persecution in the country’s 60-year history. Yet they have clung to their faith. Hear how, thanks to your generosity, ACN has offered hope to the innocent victims of extremists.

Glasgow Event: From the Embers of Hope... 27 April 2007
7pm Mass celebrated by Archbishop Mario Conti in St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow; refreshments and talks at 8pm in Eyre Hall