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Sunday, April 01, 2007

'Justice moved my great maker; God Eternal wrought me: the Power, and the unsearchably high Wisdom, and the primal Love supernal.'

Weirdest spam ever - just got some in Russian which as far as I can make out is advertising some dentist in Moscow. Bizarresville. (This doesn't, alas, mean I can read Russian. It just means that 'dentalnaya implantacia' is quite easy to make out in Cyrillic.)

Anyway, perhaps even more exciting than the possibility of orthodontics in Russia is this website offering a tour of Dante's Inferno, with a particularly high-quality introduction. (Muchos Flash, so beware if you have a slow connection.) Via the Chaucer blog.

The words Dante places over the gates of Hell reminded me of what the Pope was saying about Love and Hell in a homily the other day - this one - I can't find a full English translation yet (am probably being thick) but am getting a gloss on it from here ('cos I don't read Italian either). Someone at the Guardian who apparently had nothing better to do tries to turn this into a 'scary nasty conservative pope' story, but in a surprisingly half-hearted way. Must have been a slow news day.

(Berenike, the justify button has vanished - I don't think Blogger likes Safari - but feel free to justify this post if your computer lets you!)