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Friday, March 30, 2007

Interesting for medievalists

I finally got round to buying a second-hand copy of the classic Europe in the Late Middle Ages, edd. Hay, Highfield and Smalley. I went for the cheapest hardback edition to be seen on the wondrous ABE, which as it happened was held by a book-seller in Abingdon. The lovely book arrived in my pigeon-hole this morning, inscribed on the fly-leaf... R.R. Davies!!!

(If you're a British medievalist, that's exciting. Honest.)

Appealing to a wider audience: one of the essays I was marking described the inquisition as a 'medieval secret police.' Now I get that none of them are very fond of the inquisition, but really, just how secret is it when a Dominican walks into town, preaches a sermon against heresy, and then starts hearing confessions?