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Saturday, March 24, 2007

You disgust me

That must be a line from a film, so if someone were to come up with a picture to go with this post . . .
You disgust me. You are so totally and utterly out of touch with the real world that it is no surprise to me that the Christian faith is fizzling out to nothing in the United Kingdom. Perhaps when we have managed to turn all our children gay the problem of religious bigotry affecting our laws will no longer be an issue.
Find out who wrote this, to whome and on what occasion, by going to this page.
Why do people never demonstrate how it is that others are out of touch? In what way? Exactly?
Skimming the papers last weekend I read a comment that politics in Poland is now about emotion, about being shocked/disgusted/worried (usually negative emotions, it seems!). It is at least partly true of the rhetoric of politicians, and is true almost without exception of the newspaper comment forums. The pathetic amount of any actual information in the press doesn't help to raise the level of discussion. Freedom of the press? They should all be censored for lack of content.