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Monday, March 19, 2007

Government regulations for infant development

Five year olds should be able to "understand what is wrong, what is right, and why".
The guidelines on what is wrong and what is right (there are discussions on whether "why" would not unnecessarily complicate a simple matter) are in preparation. A source says they will provide clear, easily-grasped first principles that will help children form independent, tolerant life views embracing change and diversity, enabling them to participate responsibly as forward-looking citizens of an inclusive and caring democracy. Multicultural.
Literature that helps teachers to help children free their minds from medieval prejudices is already finding its way into classrooms. King & King is about a prince who rejects three princesses to "marry" their brother. The book not only shows children that intergender relationships are not best for everyone, but also that hereditary monarchy necessarily creates prejudice against rich and unfairly privileged feudal oppressors who experience a same sex attraction, since the oppressed people would be forced by their difficult life conditions to repress their natural openness to diversity. Fear of the public disorder and even civil war that might ensue on the death of a childless monarch would lead ordinary people to pressure their king to produce an heir, with worrying consequences for the level of tolerance in society at large. Children will thus see the damaging effects of the taboos, and even legal restrictions, on adoption by same-sex couples found in traditional societies and surviving in some countries to the present day.