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Monday, March 19, 2007

Book Fairy

Thank-you to the nice person who sent me a nice book which arrived today!

I am so damn clever. Some time ago I had a metaphysics exam, for which I had to prepare, among others, a question on the difference between existential and essentialist Thomism is. Ya what? (my previous scrap of philosophical education was rather a la Great Books.) Well, I googled and looked and read (the library was too stressful to use much, being womaned by a terrifying elderly sister, but providence led me to a couple of useful things in second-hand-book shops), and eventually, following a footnote on a hunch, started working my way through Thomas's commentary on De Trinitate, q.V a.3. Am no great Latinist, so this was taking some time, and indeed I failed to get to the meat of the question before the exam,which I scraped through ignominously (sp?). However I have been completely cluelessly terribly interested in the matter since, because it seemed to me to be about more than an answer for a daft exam or some academic debate. Little things kept teasingly hinting that there was indeed something interesting involved. Hee hee, there is! This is about is. And not only was my hunch right (that article talks about something that allegedly divides the two schools, though whether I'd have worked out the exact answer is another question) but this lovely lovely book has De Esse et essentia in, and the introduction has about two sentences that make complete sense on this front and have saved me a lot of faffing, and I am so excited that I had to write this post that is utterly pointless except as a demonstration of my happy gratitude for this nice present to a poor unemployed procrastinator from a nice person.