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Thursday, February 23, 2006

(work going badly; long dark teatime of the intellect...)

Appealing to The Kids with puns:

' Die Veranstaltung wird mit dem Titel „Echt kryptisch“ beworben, da die Katechesen in der Krypta stattfinden werden. '

(Disclaimer: I know nothing about this bishop beyond this interview, and don't wish to mock him; I just thought that line was rather amusing.)

Calling a spade a spade:

Comments box star The Glaswegian, proffering a selection of Tunnock's finest: 'Hydrog?'

Why prelates should all have fluent Latin: so that when the final persecution has come, a secularist empire is about to wipe out all Catholics, and the hierarchy is down to the Pope and twelve Cardinals in a hut near Jerusalem, they can communicate easily and discreetly.
Mantilla-tip to The Devout Life.