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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Does this count as 'other'?

If anyone would like to go to a ceilidh in aid of Pro Vita Romania , in St Cuthbert's church hall, Slateford Rd, Edinburgh, at 7.30pm on 25th March - I have six tickets to sell, some of which I have not yet spilt coffee on. £5 grown-ups, £3 parvuli, BYOB. I can't go as I'll be in England at a wedding, hurrah, if the train doesn't crash; but it's a good cause which one of the Edinburgh SPUC folk is rather keen on. Besides what the linked website says, I think there's an orphanage involved; and the whole thing was begun by an Orthodox priest. It has been supported by parish pro-life groups in Edinburgh for some time. Interested parties, leave email addresses; or email boeciana [at] yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk. Will gladly take your money...