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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Travels of a EFL fraud

I know you are all dying to know what last Thursday morning looked like, as I travelled to drink tea and vaguely chat about films with this guy.

Ah leave ma hoose, this is what is taking up half of the parking spaces on the street. And this after the Big Thaw a few days earlier.

My tram stop, looking south, as I cross to catch the tram going north.

Ducks! Two or three stops before mine, this is the corner of Krolewska and Marszalkowska, I will at some point get round ot putting up the photos I took of the crowds here leaving the Pope's funeral (on giant screens on a square through this park) These are the ones that weren't there when I wanted to show you them, Bettina. I was glad to learn that it is not the Chinese food kiosks across the road that clear up the ducks in the evening: they have a wee house somewhere in the park, apparently. The ducks, not the Chinese food kiosks (unless they are Baba Yaga kiosks on feet, I suppose.)

Crossing the road after getting off the tram

Walking through the park looking back at the street just crossed

More park

My back to the street, I reach the buildings on the other side of the park
I turn into this little courtyard to walk through to the next street

I turn into this little courtyard to walk through to the next street