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Monday, January 09, 2006

Waste of time, or Know Your Enemy (And Pray For His Conversion)?

Not sure where the Mark-Shea-esque capitals came from. Anyway. Will this be worth listening to? On the one hand, it involves David Starkey; but on the other, it does apparently include debate; and yet on ... Zaphod Beeblebrox's third hand?... Radio 4 is often apparently incapable of finding articulate apologists for Christianity.

It does sound as if the premise of the programme ('Dr David Starkey argues that five major Christian figures distorted, even betrayed, the Christian faith as envisaged by Jesus.') is the assumption that the Church doesn't exist, which is really the same as the assumption that Jesus is not who He claimed to be. Our Lord gave every indication of expecting that there would be a people of God who would be able to stand fast in His truth, precisely because the Holy Spirit would sustain them and the Father would hear their prayers in the Name of the risen and ascended Son. The notion that 'real' Christianity was strangled at birth is essentially the suggestion that God was not capable of making a people for the New Covenant. I wonder if anyone on the radio will make some such point?

Meanwhile, is there any point in watching this? Richard Dawkins always makes me angry, and the text on the Channel 4 website (linked above) is full of non sequiturs. However, it may be better to know exactly what he says, for purposes of letters to newspapers, pub arguments, etc.. Probably a programme best watched while clutching rosary beads, in any case.