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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Of dubious accuracy, but nice

He [Pope St Telesphorus] ordanit men for to fast ay
Sewyn woukkis haill befor Pasche day,
And Gloria in excelsis he
Ordanit at the messe to be
Said, and on Yoil day
He bad thre messis be said ay:
At the kokcrawe the fyrst mess,
for Crist in that time borne was;
The tother syne ordanyt he
In to the dawynge to songyn be,
For that tyme Criste in clathis cleyn
Wes sueylit and withe hirdis seyn,
And anowrnyt dewotly,
As Luk beris witnes werraly;
Syne the thrids messs of that day
Efter tersse he ordanyt ay
To be said, qwhen that the licht
Off our redempcion shynyt brycht.

Ibid. p.309, though this time from the Cottonian MS recension.

wolkis - weeks
sweyllit - swaddled
hirdis - shepherds

Lectores dilecti lectricesque dilectae, I expect I'll be away from laodicea until after Christmas now, so I hope you all have a happy last few days of Advent and all the days of Christmas - which seems worth saying, since amazingly the stat counter suggests that there are some of you out there whom we don't know personally and who nevertheless read this. Gosh. (And if any of you feels inclined to pray for the laodiceans, might I ask particularly for help with treating my family half-decently. Gratias ago!)