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Thursday, December 08, 2005

You can get DARK CHOCOLATE Caramel Wafers?

Why has no one ever told me this? And why aren't they on the shelves of the local Co-op?

Sadly even two (milk chocolate) caramel wafers in a row hasn't helped with the beastly renaissance Latin of James Foulis of Edinburgh, who diverted himself when plague forced him away from his canon law studies in Paris by ... writing a poem about the plague in Scotland twelve years earlier. Yes, that really strikes me as a 'jocundo... exercitio.' All that stuff about no one getting proper funerals and 'someone's lucky if he even gets buried' (OK, is felix quem modo terra capit sounds better) is really cheering. Anyway, the beastly thing is far beyond me, being in hexameters (I think) and with all fancy word order and references to pagan myths and siclike... What's wrong with your nice rhyming hymns, then? Or good workaday chroniclers' stuff?!

All right, I know, I'm just a tenth-century-schoolboy Latinist. Pathetic.