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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Blogging Cleopatra

Exercising my right to do whatever I like with this blog because I started it, I have without consultation obtained the services of a new team member. Cleopatra is another British Pole/Polish Brit living in Warsaw: she was previously based for some time in Aberdeenshire. Moreover, in the spirit of tolerance and ecuminicisicism and multi-culturalism that makes Blair's Britain the paradise regained that it is, Cleopatra has been invited to join us even though she is a Tab.
Cleopatra and I spent a wet afternoon yesterday getting wet, and then spreading numerous unchic (and wet) bags, a (wet) baby buggy, a (damp) almost-toddler, (wet) coats and (wet) selves across the mirrors-and-marble lobby of the Sejm hotel, much to the disgust of the teenage doorkeeper in his uniform with loops of gold string. We seem to do this sort of thing a lot. Now I was a tad tired after half a day of rushing around the rain with a buggy between two of us, so my new woolly Parisian hat off to Cleopatra who does all sorts of lobbying and whatnot without a car and with three small children. And a job. While living in the Warsaw equivalent of, say, Haddington.
Without further ado, therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I give you (drum roll)




[ . . . now you have to write something, dear.]