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Monday, July 11, 2005

Why do they give a damn?

As Aelianus is fond of saying, no-one is further from Catholicism than an Anglo-Catholic, except of the Al Kimel type. On what basis does one not officially give up being an Anglican over priestesses, but do so over bishopesses/bishopinas? Should one laugh or cry? I say look gloomily into your beer, wishing it were beer and not continental lager. Could that be made into a metaphor for Anglicanism and the Church? (no, because there is a place for lager.) There is something wilful about Anglicanism per se, though not about every Anglican. There they are sitting on Astroturf when only a wee swim (armbands provided) separates them from grass. (Having been brought up in Britain I have to laugh about the serious stuff. This really disconcerts the furriners in conversation. This is a serious subject.) Nuver problem is that they have soooooooooooooooo many long and complicated ideas, as seen in Al Kimel's posts, for example.
I would quote Jasper Carrot again, except that the only reference I can find to the comment about Anglicans was made by me, and my only authority was Some Guy In A Pub.
[edited by moi a bit later]