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Monday, July 11, 2005

Political Compass

This is an very interesting site. I am thinking up a series of lessons on reading newspapers for some English pupils, and am taking a lot of material from these pages. It is promoting a more analytical use of the words left and right, since, as you can see on their nice wee graphs, Hitler's economic policies are to the left of Tony Blair's, and on the "social" scale here proposed Stalin is little to the "left" of Hitler.

Basically you fill out a questionnaire to see where you come out on a left/right scale economically and, um, disciplinarily or something.

Sad to say I am not nearly as fierce as the Pope, but I think this is because I rarely used a "strong" option, since at almost every question I wanted to say neither yes nor no but to distinguish. Or perhaps it is apathy and acedia showing up.

I can't work out how to get the result graph up as a graphic here, but for comparison I came out as -3.63 on the economic scale and -0.31 on the other one. A bleeding-heart liberal.

Here are some famous people. (The scale, if it is the same as on the results graph, runs to ten each way.)