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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London, an Message claiming responsibility

From Nosemonkey. I know it's possibly just folk looking for a buzz/publicity/approval of their mother. Well, I don't see the panic they are so chuffed about. What exactly do these people want to achieve? Apparently you don't even get seventy-two virgins, but white grapes. Hardly seems worth the effort when you could just go to Sainsbury's. Or even Grotmid.
Jamaat al-Tandheem Al-Sierri (secret organization group)Organization of Qaeda't al-Jihad in Europe
In the name of God the most merciful . . . Rejoice the nation of Islam, rejoice nation of Arabs, the time of revenge has come for the crusaders' Zionist British government. As retaliation for the massacres which the British commit in Iraq and Afghanistan, the mujahideen have successfully done it this time in London. And this is Britain now burning from fear and panic from the north to the south, from the east to the west.
We have warned the brutish governments and British nation many times.And here we are, we have done what we have promised. We have done a military operation after heavy work and planning, which the mujahideen have done, and it has taken a long time to ensure the success of this operation.And we still warn the government of Denmark and Italy, all the crusader governments, that they will have the same punishment if they do not pull their forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan. So beware.
Thursday 7/7/2005Jamaat al-Tandheem Al-Sierri (secret organization group)Organization of al Qaeda't al-Jihad in Europe.
For the rest:
Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis. Requiescant in pace.

Lord Jesus Christ, concerning whom the Prophet hath said: "And all kings of the earth shall adore Him, all nations shall serve Him," extend Thy reign over the whole human race. Send upon all men the light of faith, deliver them from all the snares and bonds of passion and direct them to heavenly things; and graciously grant, that the states and nations may be united by the means of Thine immaculate Bride, Holy Church, and, through the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, may serve Thee in all humility; and that all tongues and peoples may form one great choir to praise Thee both day and night, to bless Thee, to exalt Thee, O King and Ruler of the nations, O Prince of Peace, immortal King of endless ages. Amen.