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Friday, May 27, 2005

Where'd everyone go?

So, I thought to myself, it was worth doing this blog thing. Finally a chance to find out why quantum physics means we have to discover a new metaphysic. (In the singular, of course.) Some people who look as though they won't get bored after fifteen minutes, unlike my granny, who asks snide questions about Pius XII/Crusades/ priestly celibacy, but gets bored very quickly if I make any sign of answering. But now everyone's disappeared!

Cara Bettina, you asked what among other things I think I was trying to ask in my second post. I don't know what the different theories are. I can understand that there are purely biological ones, and then that there are theories that go beyond the purely biological. But I am not familiar with any of them. My understanding of evolutionary theory is basically that if you leave lots of male and female fruit flies in a room eventually you get gorillas. You see my problem?!

Re. Berenike:

Was the point: Does the SCIENTIFIC theory of evolution in any way challenge aristotelian/thomist metaphysics? (The INTERPRETETIONS of this theory by "evolutionists" certainly do)

I think, somehow related to this is the question whether or not a Catholic can agree with this theory (limited to its strictily biological sense) without getting into conflicts with the truth of faith. Which I REALLY would like to know!