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Friday, May 27, 2005

Another African Claims Pope has Blood on his Hands


Just like the BBC was inundated by thousands of Africans furious at the harm caused by the Church's teaching on non-contraceptive sex within marriage.
But, here we go, random Prod, oops, I mean the outgoing (that is, leaving) Moderator of the Church of Scotland, goes on with the same old nonsense. At least, so she is presented, it is difficult to tell exactly what she is saying. Hello? Note also well-informed comment linking artificial contraception and married priests. Why is no-one paying me to sort these people out? Why is a major media wotsit not embrassed to be so clearly and openly clueless about issues that are constantly brought up in the press? On the other hand, for folk reading who huvnae hud the privilege of visiting the Athens of the North, and the present shrine of St Andrew in Scotland, click on the video link and you get to see wur metropolitan cathedral, complete with reporter igroning the Blessed Sacrament.