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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Yet more HF stuff

Kathy Shaidle has oodles of good links. Another worth-reading column from the Telegraph.

John Allen's Conclave. Lots of people are mentioning it. Well, it's interesting reading for the process itself. But don't rely on his cardinal sketches. Test it and see: reading it last autumn, I looked up mine, and giggled. Absolutely no idea where he got the description from. Maybe he, like the pope, thought the other chap got the red hat . . .

Warsaw yesterday.

There is an internet campaign for people to light votive lights along every street named after JPII in Poland (there are many!)tomorrow night. Yesterday they did it already in Warsaw.

Apparently some millions of Poles are planning to go to Rome for the funeral. People stood in Warsaw central station for up to 20 hours yesterday to buy tickets for the four extra trains that have been put on from Warsaw to Rome. The newspapers are publishing guides to DIY driving trips, including how to book parking through the internet.

I can see why people want to go, but now that it's become evident that there will be a silly number of people trying to squash in, is it not better to go to Mass close to home and then watch the TV? I assume even the Wicked Aunt will broadcast the papal funeral. You can always switch off the commentary and find a radio station with a better one.