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Friday, April 01, 2005

Reasons to like Glasgow

(Pause for astonishment at such a thing...)
(only joking)

The Herald today is about the only paper to avoid the deeply dull story of Prince Charles getting a bit riled, and instead puts the Holy Father and Terri Schiavo on the front page. There's a wee box explaining what the Sacrament of Anointing is (so it was printed before the Vatican said that the Pope had received Viaticum?). And there's quite a sensible article about the Crusades, which (despite the headline) is not 'Christians bad, Muslims good', but takes the more reasonable line that it was all quite complicated and a great many people did not behave honourably.

This business of 'Last Rites': is the term used correctly to mean anointing, confession and viaticum all together? The Herald, CNN and the Beeb seem to be using it to mean anointing alone, although earlier the BBC was using it for viaticum (but the story has now changed). I vaguely thought 'Last Rites' were the whole deal covered in the handy Ars Moriendi, not just one bit of it.

Anyway. Praying is of more use than flapping over media's and own confusion.