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Friday, April 01, 2005


Is this true? Has anyone heard about this from anywhere other than the Catholic Truth people?
The Catholic Truth website (go there at your own risk, the fonts and the writing hurt the eyes and the head, but there are some facts in the fog of abuse) claims to have gotten hold (scroll down to "Catholic Newspapers Censorship Policy") of a document outlining a new Gabriel Communications editorial policy. Gabriel Communications publish the Catholic Times and the Universe.
  • 'Following a recent directors' meeting, it is now formally Gabriel policy that all of our publications are 100 per cent supportive of the Catholic hierarchy and clergy. This means a shift in our editorial policy, which will now seek to present exclusively a positive and constructive picture of the Catholic Church in the UK and Ireland, as it passes through difficult and challenging times. Where negative news does require reporting, this will be done in conjunction with the Church and its relevant representatives, in order to minimize negative pastoral consequences and to sustain the faith of our readers. This decision has been made following some 12 months of discussion and debate, and for very considered theological and practical reasons.'