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Friday, April 08, 2005

More PL photos

Fishermen's Mass by the sea. Definitely worth looking through these photos (just don't think about what could have happened to the Blessed Sacrament if there had been a big wave and the priest had slipped or wobbled). Click on the numbers in the boxes on the left to see the different piccies.

Miners waiting to see the Holy Father's remains, two days ago.

People watching the funeral in the palace square.

Here is that salute. I am on the far side of the guns, slightly behind them and about three people away from the crowd barrier.

Bialystok, where Justyna Kru. is from. Outside the "farny" church - should someone have a Polish medieval ecclesiastical historian office-mate, that person could perhaps find out what a "kosciol farny" is.

Go to www.google.pl and look at the bottom of the page.