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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Some beauties from the NUS Women's Campaign Conference

as linked to in the previous post.

"Look!" I thought to myself in surprise, and about to chide myself for unthinking assumptions about what the Conference would be saying, as I read the following:
Conference believes:
Parents have the right to opt their children out of sex education in the UK

But reading on I realised that this was merely an outline of a situation to which the honourable assembly was responding.
Conference resolves:
Lobby the government to ensure that abstinence-only education does not make its way onto the curriculum, and for compulsory sexual health and relationships education in all schools.

And oh joy, more statistics. I wonder if these are more solidly based than the famous ones in which more women died from unsafe abortion in Portugal than there were women of child-bearing age. (Can't find a link to this sadly, and all my books are unavailable: for Nathanson's admission about fabricated numbers see here and scroll to "back-alley abortions")

Conference further believes:
That worldwide more that 75,000 women a year- 200 a day – die due to an unsafe abortion.

And some incisive crtiticism:
Press speculation about further restricting the upper time limit for abortion in Britain has not abated since the summer when emotive, but scientifically insignificant, images of foetuses were published in the Evening Standard.

Goodness me, and some thought that it was interesting to see such clear images of the unborn. No, it was a pathetic use of scientifically-insignificant material by dastardly pro-lifers who believe that woman are dangerous and must be controlled through serial childbearing.

Apart from the seriousness of some of the things they are discussing, the style and phrasing of the motions make for amusing reading. Briefly.