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Thursday, March 10, 2005

St John Ogilvie

(This picture comes from here , but it's a picture I've seen on holy cards, so wherein the copyright resides I don't know. Acknowledgements to whomever they are due.)

Happy natalis in caelum of St John Ogilvie SJ, our only Reformation martyr, who was hanged in Glasgow on grounds of treason, 10th March 1615. Full details in English and more academically auf Deutsch. A most beautiful part of the history is how, when being moved from a prison in Glasgow, a woman (who thought Ogilvie had betrayed her son) invoked curses upon Ogilvie's 'ugly face'; in response to which Ogilvie said, 'The blessing of Christ on your bonnie countenance.'

Here can be found details of the remarkable miracle effected by his intercession, which led to his canonisation in 1976.