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Friday, March 11, 2005

Belatedly, St Kessog

For yesterday -

St Kessog was a scion of an Irish royal family of Munster in the early middle ages, who went to Scotland and was active as some variety of bishop around Loch Lomond.

The Aberdeen Breviary (1510), in the lessons for Matins of his feast, concentrates on one rather lovely miracle. When out walking with two other kings' sons, Kessog passed a lake; his companions, alas, fell in and drowned. Upon hearing this, the kings were understandably miffed, but they unfortunately chose to express this by planning to attack Kessog's daddy's kingdom. Kessog, to avert this, spent the night prostrate in prayer, until cock-crow, when a heavenly messenger came to him and said: 'Kessog, arise quickly from your prayer, for the Lord has heard your supplications. For the kings' sons for whom you were praying have come back to life and are unharmed.' Kessog passed on this tiding to the kings, who received it with no little rejoicing.

Deus qui beatum Kessogum confessorem tuum atque pontificem ad plenitudinem gracie tue pervenire fecisti: da nobis quesumus nostrorum veniam peccatorum et eo interveniente ab omni huius seculi perturbacione et angustiis liberari. Per dominum...

O God, Who hast caused blessed Kessog Thy confessor and priest to come to the fullness of Thy grace, grant unto us, we beseech Thee, forgiveness of our sins, and that, with Kessog interceding, we may be freed from all disquiet and straits of this world. Through Christ Our Lord...

(Clunky literal translation, sorry.)