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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Retitling Austen

Ukok tagged us to do this thing where you mix up half of one title and half of another. Um.

Journal of Laodicea

Notices of Books

New edition of Jane Austen's masterful little early piece, Essence and Existence.

Thomas Aquinas werkliste; An opusculum recently confirmed as authentic, its clearly English provenance revolutionising Thomistic biography; De Superbia et Opinio Preiudicata.

Recently published;
  • Eamonn Alcott's groundbreaking study of '68 in the light of the postwar women's lib movement, drawing on detailed archival domestic documentation and personal reminiscence, The Stripping of the Women.
  • Louise M. Duffy's account of the religious revolution that began around the same time as it was experienced by the Catholic in the pew, Little Altars.

Not very good, but the best I could come up with.

Exercise. 1) Write some more. 2) Translate Sense and Sensibility into scholasticese.(Just the title, silly.)