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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Clarificatory: in response to comments to Living Scotland post - the Mass will be at 5pm, followed by the talk (so 6.15 or so). Drinks to follow around 7/7.30pm. St Andrew's Church is on Belford Road, just past the Dean Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art. It's about fifteen minutes' walk from Haymarket Station.

Map here (NB The red circle here is a bit far to the south east - St Andrew's is in the corner of Belford Road and Ravelston Terrace. If you change to 'arial' view you will see it as terracotta-coloured amidst greenery.)

As the map should make clearer, it is also handy for Queensferry Road. The only bus that goes along Belford Road is the very infrequent 13 (and the free Gallery bus!), whereas lots (37, 41, 47 etc) go along Queensferry Road.