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Monday, May 21, 2007

Ruthless dictator grills

Remember Jafar? Well, he's picked himself up, moved on, and is now earning an honest living two tramstops north of the computer at which I am sitting. The only late-night food in the area. Still. Sad to see that the skills of political immigrants are not being fully exploited. I'm surprised the sort-of left wing press, the kind ranting on about endangered democracy and human rights in Poland, calling for UN intervention to protect victims of the dykwakwatura (from dyktatura and kwak, referring, as some of our readers will have already worked out, to the "ducks", or Kaczynski brothers). You may wish to peruse the following EU Parliament resolution.

Para L - whereas the Polish Ombudsman for Children has stated that she is preparing a list of jobs for which homosexuals are unfit,

Shocking, isn't it? It's not like there's any conflict between the psychological and legal/everyday understandings of homosexual attraction, is there? After all, if a bloke were to prove that his attraction to 14-year-old boys was homosexual, and not paedophile, then that would be okay. Neither the courts, nor public opinion, would have a problem with that. Which would be as it ought to be.

Para M whereas in June 2006 the State Prosecutor's office ordered checks on the funding of LGBT organisations in connection with "criminal movements" and their presence in schools, in order to find traces of criminal activities, without any result,

How dare they order checks and then not find ay criminal activity? In this sort of situation they should manufacture results to justify the action.

Para 1 Affirms that the EU institutions and Member States have a duty to ensure that the human rights of people living in Europe are respected, protected and promoted, as provided for by the ECHR, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, Article 6 of the TEU, Council Directive 2000/43/EC of 29 June 2000 implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of racial or ethnic origin(5) and Council Directive 2000/78/EC;

I told you, there's a major human rights crisis in Poland. Never mind China, never mind Turkey, look what the Polish clerico-fascist dictatorship is doing to poor little homosexuals who are just trying to get on with living their lives like ordinary people and don't want to cause any hassle to anyone.

Good grief.

Para 13 Asks the Conference of Presidents to authorise the sending of a delegation to Poland on a fact-finding mission, with a view to obtaining a clear picture of the situation and entering into dialogue with all the parties concerned

Paid for by whom? To what end? Same-sex sex is legal in Poland, has been since the 1930s or so (presumably with a break under the friendly German regime in the early 40s), there is no legal discrimination, or discrimination that is legal, against anyone engaging in, or expressing a preference for, this sort of thing. What more do they want? You don't see marches of people demanding approval - let's face it, they are not looking for tolerance, they are demanding approval - for sex with inflatable women, or in black sheets, or contraceptive sex, or ......

This post has evolved spontaneously. No aspersion is being cast on the straightness of the former Grand Vizier.