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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tolkien and Thomism

Two interesting pieces on the Thomism of Tolkien's writings by,

Michael Waldstein


Andrew Nimmo

Don't agree with everything they say but it would be tedious to point out where. Tolkien is very much a Thomist and an Augustinian (all real Thomists are Augustinians and vice versa ). I find followers of Darth Balthasar can have an unhealthy interest in Tolkien because the role of the Valar appeals to their occultist tendencies. This was far from Tolkien's intention who described Charles Williams (who HuvB cites with approval) as 'a nasty little witch doctor'. I heard a talk on Tolkien by a Balthasarian once who started trying to reinterpret the Valar as 'archetypes' in most disturbing way. I objected at the time that the eternal types are identical with God and the Angels (and the Valar) are just creatures. He backed off but did not explain himself. It was only later that I read Balthsar's thing on Tarot cards and discovered what was really going on.