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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Apologies to Romanians and Bulgarians

Today's announcement by the government is most unfortunate. It is of course unworkable, but then it is not intended to work. The sole purpose of these restrictions is to give the impression that the government is 'doing something' about immigration. The government is well aware that the hard working, well educated and non-jihadist inhabitants of Eastern Europe are precisely what Britain needs to make up for the indolent, work-shy and demographically doomed local population. They are also well aware that the Poles and their neighbours have already made a massive contribution to the British economy. The only reason the government is announcing these measures is to appease the tabloid press. Honour and civility towards Romania and Bulgaria are, it seems, less important than pleasing the likes of the odious Frank Field. It takes four hundred and fifty years of Protestantism to blind us to the fact that Romanians and Bulgarians are part of the same culture as our own while the only alternative source of population on offer has a different culture altogether and a rival civilisation. Undoubtedly, Mohammedanism is superior to secular liberalism but it is also very difficult to reverse the Islamicisation of a territory, while liberals die off of their own accord. There is a poetic justice to the idea of Britain being repopulated by the grandchildren of those people whose countries we either exploited for colonial purposes or abandoned to the Soviets in 1945. In the case of Poland there is a particular justice to it, as we would have lost the Battle of Britain without the Polish Air Force and the Polish Army fought and died for the allies in Africa, Italy and France while their comrades in Poland were being shot and deported by 'our gallant Soviet allies'. I just hope the Poles start having more babies so both countries profit from the population movement instead of Britain leaching off Poland. Sadly, it doesn't look like very many Romanians and Bulgarians are coming anyway, they prefer Spain and Italy. Hmmmph...