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Friday, April 21, 2006

Kirk further loses integrity

The Church of Scotland's 'Society, Religion and Technology Project' decides that 'the moral status of the human embryo is not established until some time into its biological development after conception'. (Or, at least, most people on the committee thought this, according to the press release.)

Sheila McLean, professor of medical ethics at Glasgow University, described the Kirk's stance as "brave" and worthy of admiration.

"The Church's stance, while still being pretty conservative, could be considered radical for a faith group," she said.

So as usual, a.n. religious group is all right insofar as they agree with the liberal establishment. So generous...
Note, incidentally, the Kirk's theoretical position on abortion (that is, positions articulated by General Assemblies in the past). It's slightly better than one would expect, given the Kirk's consistent silence upon the matter in the recent past - which, I suppose, demonstrates that, once you concede that an innocent individual may be deliberately and individually killed, you've lost any right to define limits to such killing.
Sta Gianna Molla, ora pro nobis!
(Bah, just realised I've been totally forgetting about the Divine Mercy novena. St Faustina, pray for us, please, even if I'm forgetful of you and your apostolate...)