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Friday, April 21, 2006

Charles & Camilla

Apparently, after their divorce, the marriage of Andrew Parker-Bowles and his putative wife Camilla Shand was declared null by the Church. Because the 'Church' of England doesn't exist canonically (having neither orders nor jurisdiction) it is irrelevant to the validity of Miss Shand's later marriage to the Prince of Wales whether it occurred in one of their 'churches'. While a Catholic in full communion with the Church cannot contract a valid marriage without observing canon 1108 of the Code of Canon Law or the equivalent provisions of the Code of Canon Law for the Eastern Churches; this does not apply to baptised non-Catholics, including Anglicans. Such persons can validly contract a sacramental marriage through a public exchange of consent regardless where or before whom this occurs. The 'Church' of England treats all marriages that are recognised in law as valid regardless of whether the parties were free to marry or not. Accordingly, the Anglicans have to believe that their future supreme governor is living in sin with another man's wife, while as far as the Catholic Church is concerned Charles and Camilla, though benighted heretics, are validly married. The same logic applies to C.S.Lewis and his wife Joy. She had been 'married' to a divorcee and so when she divorced him the 'Church' of England wouldn't let her marry C.S.Lewis. The Catholic Church considered her to be unmarried and so recognised her 'illegal' marriage to C.S.Lewis as valid.