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Friday, March 10, 2006

Feast of St John Ogilvie

A happy feast day to all chaps called John (etc), girls called Jean (etc), Ogilvies, north-easterners, people who've studied in Eastern Europe, Jesuits, fellow Scottish converts, etc etc!

God our Father,
fountain of all blessing,
we thank You for the countless graces
that come to us
in answer to the prayers of Your saints.
With great confidence we ask you in the name of Your Son
and through the prayers of St John
to help us in all our needs.

Lord Jesus,
You chose Your servant St John
to be your faithful witness
to the spiritual authority
of the chief shepherd of Your flock.
Keep Your people always one
in mind and heart,
in communion with Benedict, our Pope,
and all the bishops of Your Church.

Holy Spirit,
You gave St John
light to know your truth,
wisdom to defend it,
and courage to die for it.
Through his prayers and example
bring our country
into the unity and peace
of Christ's kingdom.


Sancte Johanne Ogilvie, ora pro populo Scocie!