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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

All Saints in Poland

Not the greatest photos: I hope some of mine come out. But you might get an idea. Click on the title. The trees in the cemeteries uplit by the vigil lights on the graves. The Lutheran cemetery had a tasteful sprinkling of lights, the cemetery where my family are buried had more of a sea of lights. In the former, occasional pairs or small groups of people passing by in the dark, seen more as a moving blackness across the candles in the distance, in the latter, crowds coming and going. Here it was mostly family members, but in the Powazki cemetery people go "just to look". It's huge, alleys of flickering lights, mostly red and yellow but occasionally blue or green stretch off until they fade into darkness. Famous people's graves have crowds, tightly-packed pools of vigil lights blocking half of the path, and poetry readings or a slightly odd man at the grave of a newscaster who died last year of cancer.