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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Not looking good....

"Tridentine Mass 'Not a Priority', Says Cardinal Arinze"

I wonder, is this a tactical move by Arinze to inspire someone to speak on the topic in next session? I thought he was a supporter of the old rite. Perhaps he is just being brutally honest. But, to say that there is no need to for further arrangements is going beyond merely observing that the matter has not been raised. If things stay this way it could make it hard for the Holy Father to issue a general indult and that in turn would make it hard to reconcile the Lefebvrists. One would have thought if the Pope wanted it raised he would have planted someone in the synod with instructions to raise the issue. If he has not that implies either that he does not intend to change the situation (though the existing evidence is against this), or that he thinks that if it were raised more bishops would speak against a universal indult than in favour. If this is the explanation it is strange that Arinze draws attention to the issue and still stranger that he says something that would so obviously enrage the SSPX. I can see an argument for some mechanism to ensure that Priests who wish to use the 1962 Missal are actually qualified to do so, but something needs to be done about the problem of bishops refusing indults and/or making no provision for the faithful to have access to the Mass said in accordance with the old Missal. This is a real problem and the current arrangements do not address it. Let us hope Arinze's difficulties in reaching Juventutem Vespers were not symbolic of things to come.