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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Post-holiday conundrums

Expensive, 'oil free', 'easily absorbed' facial sunblock still gives one spots after two weeks of slapping it on. Might as well stick with Boots' cheapest Factor 30, expect skin horror and avoid disappointment.

The only problem with lovely relaxing baths with complicated moisturising bubbly stuff is that it takes about as long to clean the bath afterwards as it did to bathe in the first place.

Vanishing teaspoons. Our house's teaspoons seem to be decreasing in number rapidly, a gallant band depleted by cruel fate. Why is communal living inimical to the stability of the teaspoon population? Similarly pencils in the context of any choir or orchestra. Pencils vanished so often and so completely in my college chapel that the choir stalls, I think, must have had some strange ability to absorb their constituent molecules.

(Or is that 'conundra'?!)